The Hotel

Arxontiko is a two-storey renovated hotel built in the early 18th century, located in the city centre. The architecture of the building testifies the neoclassical grandeur and nobility of those traditional times.


The building consists of large spaces, unique materials, wooden floors, ceilings, staircases and windows which form the large rooms (studios). With the restoration of all these architectural elements we created a beautiful “modern-neoclassical” atmosphere. At the same time, the exterior presents all the elements of neoclassicism such as wooden columns, cornices and stone pillars.


10 independent studios are on offer to satisfy all the needs and accommodation requirements of the visitor (single, double). Beautifully decorated, they give a noble, Ionian atmosphere with all the necessary facilities (bathroom, kitchen with utensils, refrigerator, air conditioning, heating, TV and Wi-Fi) for a pleasing and enjoyable holiday. Prices start from €40 per day depending on the room and the period of stay. We guarantee that the visitor will find a cheerful, warm and friendly environment.